Guys, what do you expect in a relationship?

I'm curious about it so please tell me what you expect!


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  • Hello,
    In my relationships I expect loyalty, I would not like the one that I love to have me or some other man as a side show when already dating. Trust, I feel that trust is extremely important in a successful relationship. Understanding, I feel that if either of us make mistakes, one should try to be understanding towards the other, and Commitment, I feel that if one isn't giving the relationship everything they can, then it's not fair towards the other lover. I hope the helped you understand at least the inner workings of my mind,
    -Best of wishes,


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  • 1. Sex. Lots of it.
    2. Make me food and take care of me.
    3. Be a good partner by NOT having opinions. My problems are discussed with my male friends.

    Feminists downvotes incoming*

    -Been in a relationship for 11 years and I've got a 10 year old daughter.


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  • A lots of respect and carrying about eah other and trust

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