Is she leading me on?

We're both college students and I'm only a year older than her. Last summer we talked for a month and she was hot for me (ex: always texting me first) and than I took her out for dinner and I can tell we were both a bit nervous, her more than I. At the end of our date I kissed her twice (pecks on the lips) and everything went down hill after that because she became distant (Maybe I came on too strong?). However after a month or so, she texted me a paragraph telling me how she is not ready for a relationship and asked if we could put the dating on hold because of drama (she was seeing a guy before me which didn't end well I believe) in her life. I simply replied "no worries" and thought that was the end. However, we casually managed to keep in touch over the following school semester via text and snapchat. She would ask me how I am doing and seemed curious. During winter break, she sent me a random text telling me she bought me a gift and said happy birthday even though my birthday was in July. We soon got flirty over text again and I asked her out for ice cream via text. In response to my first attempt she wrote...
Girl: We will have to see as I am deathly sick it's disgusting. I'll let you know when it gets better and we can adventure + ice cream yeah?

11 days later and I ask her what happened to our plans and she replies...
Girl: Hahah it'll happen! I was gonna ask if you wanted to do today but then my mom caught me and told me I had a family thing to celebrate my grandpas birthday -.-

3 days later and I ask her if she was busy Thursday night...
Girl: Uhm I'm not sure yet. I'm trying to crash a night class Thursday :/
Girl: Sorry boo. What's up tho?
we chit chat and her last response is...
Girl: Anyway yeah I'll keep you updated. :) and thank you

This was our last text conversation. However, I visited our campus the other day, bumped into her and she ran into my arms for a hug. I was with a friend so we kept the conversation short.

The reason I was visiting our campus and not attending is because I'm leaving soon to study abroad which she knows but doesn't know when in particular.


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  • She's not interested, move on.


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