How to get this teenage guy to like me?

This new guy started riding my bus about two weeks ago. I heard him talking and he was really funny and cute. I then found out he lives a few houses away from my friend. A few days ago, I asked him if he wanted to go to cup crazed with me and my friend but he said he was busy. Today, he found out it was my friend that had come to his house the day before. He thought that she wanted to date him, but I told him she was trying to set me up. I kind of want to invite him to a pizza party next Saturday, so should I? And how do I make a move and try to get him?


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  • First of all you 'get' anyone to like you, it's all about chemistry and if you don't have it then you will finds someone who you do have it with. The only way you find out if he likes you or not will be to straight up ask. It's 2015 girls can make the move and be loud and proud about it ! Go for it you never know.

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