Active first date ideas?

So I have a date with this coworker and we get along fine and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for dates where we can be somewhat active so as to break the ice and not put a ton of pressure on us to keep up a constant conversation, but I also don't want it to be something where I can't hardly talk to her at all. If anyone has any fun dating experiences they wish to share then it would be greatly appreciated. Also, it's winter here: very cold and snowy, it cannot be something that requires being outside.

Anything along the lines of 'dinner and/or movie' will get a downvote.


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  • ice skating! so fun for a first date because you can help each other along and hold hands and stuff! there's also rock climbing for adventurous people haha! shooting if she's into that! others include
    -roller skating
    -swimming at an indoor pool
    - skyzone
    -laser tag
    -video games
    snowboardin/ skiiing
    -club or any place to dance
    -gym date

    • I'm thinking laser tag and ice skating are the best candidates here, do you think a girl would really enjoy laser tag for a first date though or would it be too geeky (for lack of a better word)?

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    • It'd be too difficult to do with someone else because they'd have to match my speed, I will remember it though for a future date.

    • cool good luck!

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  • Geocaching! It's a lot of fun, makes you think, and you will have to hike or walk to find the "treasure". There's a lot of free fully interactive mobile apps for it too :) The official app from "groundspeak" is great and not too pricey. There's a free version too.

    • there's a foot of snow and it's below zero , any other ideas?

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    • All my activities are outside at night. I'm a paranormal investigator, and I engage in boffer sparring. We don't get snow here... ever.

    • Oh, ok then

  • You can go rollerskating it's fun and if you bust your bums you can laugh and it'll really help let the walls down, do pottery class , bowling.

  • ice-skating ♡♡♡

    • I'm gonna save that one for when I've practiced a bit more

  • Play some Twister!

    • Lmao I'd love to but somehow I don't think she'd agree to that.

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  • My crush and I have been trying to set up a date too, and when I called her to ask about what we should do, she kept suggesting weird active things...
    Eventually, kind of jokingly, she said we could go treasure hunting.

    Then I remembered Geocaching! You go to the app or website for Geocaching, and then you have to follow the map to find where a cache is hidden. They're randomly hidden all over the place.

    • Eh I don't feel too strongly about that one, and I wouldn't be able to do it if it was outside because there's a foot of snow on the ground.

    • Huh... I think it would be funner trying to look through the snow or at night or something, but whatever.

    • 2 inches of snow, maybe. 1.5 feet, no.

  • Depending on how 'active' you mean, bowling or rock climbing.

    Or dinner and/or a movie!

    • I had to make an example of you, to any who dare put 'dinner and/or a movie': this is the dreaded downvote you shall receive >:D

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    • Lol... you know, dinner and movie is tried and true. You'll end up doing it eventually. Hell, my parents have been married almost 25 years and they still do that and have a great time.

    • Yeah, but it makes a better date once you already know each other. You can't talk during a movie and you can't not talk during dinner or it'll get awkward.

  • Ice skating is always fun
    try that, if it was spring or summer there would be a lot more options,
    you guys can go go karting, if they have indoor place near your vicinity

    good luck

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