Would you still like your partner or crush, even if they gained weight?

The question is simple-would you still have feelings for your crush or partner if they gained weight? Just wondering and thanks for your opinion!

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  • Yes, I will always love them
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  • I'd love hem more!
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  • I wouldn't love them as much...
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  • As long as they could fit through the door... it would be nice if she was healthy enough to live as long as I do. Otherwise, she's ok.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Honestly especially with "crushes" it's hard for me to be attracted to someone who doesn't care enough about themselves to stay healthy. Now if she gained weight because of stress I'd still be interested in them, however I wouldn't say I love anyone I have a "crush" on (this is in reference to the poll), I'd probably be interested in helping them stay comfortable in their skin. Being comfortable with what you look like is an important part of being confident and not that shy girls aren't freaking adorable, but atm I'm interested in confident young ladies!!!

  • No I wouldn't.


What Girls Said 3

  • I'll always love my boyfriend... even if he turns into a whale.

    I might drop some hints though. My boyfriend and I are rather fit. He much more than myself. I'd notice if he gained weight. Typically he gains it in muscle. He gained 30 lbs of muscle this past year. I noticed that. I'd notice if he gained 30 lbs of fat too.

  • It wouldn't affect how I felt about them. If they mean something to me then my feelings wouldn't change but If it was a lot of weight it might make them seem less attractive because I would want them to be healthy & look healthy.

  • Well, if I love the person I'll love his past, present and future.
    If it's just crush, there's a huge possibility I might change how I feel for him.

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