I need help with a social issue?

I'm a high school kid, I may or may not like a specific person. I was raised by my sister practically as we did get shuffled around a lot. Never learned right or wrong on social or bodily standards. I am self taught, but I am still around behind on many things. One of those things is I get mean when I'm nervous even if I am trying to be 'cute' or 'funny' its one of those things I dont realize untill after, which I do apologize. but I was wondering some 'good' ways to flirt I could practice?


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  • I feel your pain. I'm a very introverted person, and I'm not good socially whatsoever. I entered middle school completely friendless and I'm in my second year of middle school and im friends with a lot of people and even have a boyfriend. Yeah, I shocked myself there. So flirting practice, well let's see. Try to make it not so obvious. Like I guess that they can't tell you're flirting. Google it. Maybe dress cutely or nicely, be kind to people, and try stepping out of your shell! I know it's hard at first, but soon you'll be a pro! Just don't try getting in a relationship when you're perfectly content with your current social status. However, if you do want one, then just practice in the mirror. That's what I used to do to try to make friends. Good luck! I'm rooting for you! 😉

    • A couple problems: I really can't stand to look at myself in the mirror, I have only had three or four not close but jikinda inbetween aquatance and friend people-one died, two moved, and I have one now. It's not so much I can't force myself to talk, more I get nervous and become a little rude like slapping the guys chest, flicking his hat-which he was sweet enough to say it was rude or I wouldn't have even thought about it. Partially things I said though too.

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    • Well thank you for trying to help

    • Of course.

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