Is he avoiding me?

Okay so me and thus guy who I really like have talked for over three months but whenever one is single the other isn't. He got dumped either today or yesterday I'm not sure and for once we're both single at the same time, but now he isn't texting me back. I was going to wait till he said hey but I couldn't because I love talking to him, I did wait a long time though. Then I had basketball practice and when it was done I saw he had texted me almost two hours after I had said it. Now he won't text me back and I want to make sure he's alright, because he got dumped, but I also want to give him his space because we literally never stop texting unless we sleep or are in school. Is he ignoring me, it does he need space?


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  • Give it time. He's going to need it to sort through his emotions. When I had break ups, I would require that alone time as well.


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