Dating a guy with a girlfriend who claims to want to be with you more? Game or the truth?

i did something I never do I dated someone who was in a relationship. Through out the time we were together I just saw it as drunken fun hook ups but he got serious and I've always been the leave if they get clingy type but their was something about him. He was always super upfront about everything he told me things know one knew I guess as a way to gain my trust and through out this time I still talked to other guys and one day he told me he'd break up with his Girlfriend if I stopped going out with different guys, I said no. I was too afraid he would have me waiting forever and then we started arguing more and he stopped coming around as much and I realized that I may have loved hurt to be without him and now were apart and I'm afraid if I made a mistake or was it all just a really good game he ran on me.


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  • Stupid decision.

    He just ran game on you. If he really liked you he wouldn't still have a girlfriend, he would make you his girlfriend. Yes you made a mistake, you knew he had a girl so those are the consequences. The guy is obviously a player and he played you.

    • I seriously needed to hear that everyone is telling me the complete opposite I guess because they all know him well its hard to hear but thanks...