Girls 18-24 Is a shaved head (to the skin) on a 20 year old guy considered unattractive or a deal breaker for dating?

It's a long story but I had a benign medical condition that cause head hair to diffusely thin, unfortunately the follicles were permanently damaged in my case so given how thin it was I shaved it off, to the skin. People say it looks good on me (I was surprised because I'm a skinny white guy, tone but not much muscle mass) I don't try to hide it or anything, I'm not afraid to go out and don't wear hats hardly ever, and new people I started working with even say looking back at pictures when I had thick hair, before they knew me, that they actually prefer this look on me. Truthfully I actually prefer it too except for one aspect, what will the girls my age who I find attractive think? I want honesty, I admit that looks are a factor to me and a door to something deeper with someone, and I am no hypocrite I know it works both ways. I've been told back and forth so much I really need to know if this is a deal breaker for dating, see it sounds corny but one of my biggest goals was to be married in my 20's to a woman i was very attracted to body and mind. And I want to know if this puts that in danger. So ladies, could you give a guy who shaved it skin a shot? Is it a dealbreaker, will it put me at a severe disadvantage? Or can it be attractive and I'm worrying too much? And if any guy who stumbles on here has shaved your head, what was your experience like with it? Be honest please people, thanks for your time.

  • Shaved completely bald can be attractive or isn't a dealbreaker for attraction/dating
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  • It's unattractive, and will put you at a severe disadvantage compared to 'hairy' guys when it comes to attracting a girl
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  • I'm actually crushing on a guy that has a shaved head right now! He lost most of his hair when he was like 19. He has hair practically everywhere else on his body though which is kind of hilarious. But still-not a deal-breaker buddy! :-)


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  • I don't get why that would be unattractive. I prefer guys with shaved heads. Long hair on guys looks very juvenile and like they're stuck in middle school.

  • Haha you'll be fine! That's not even a deal breaker :)


What Guys Said 1

  • Rock it dude I've had even more success since shaving my head. Just rock it with confidence

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