I'm in a new relationship but... ( I MESSED UP MY AGE, I am NOT 16. I am 18!! )?

I'm in a new relationship , we've only been together a month. I was feeling my current boyfriend before my ex boyfriend and all of a sudden we just stopped talking. I was in a relationship with my ex bf for 1 year & 9 months then 8 months on and off. I finally just said fuck it & ended it for good, it's been a year since we have been dating and 5 months since we've last seen each other but anyways, I got into a new relationship with this guy I use to talk to ( we were gonna date but never got to asking each other out) he hit me up out of the blue and asked me if I wanted to go to the movies or something so I just yeah why not & at the end of the night he kissed me and told me he wasn't gonna let me disappear again & asked me out & I said yes quickly without really considering if I was ready for another relationship… this guy was like my bestfriend 4 years ago & he's been hurt by many girls & I definitly don't wanna break up with him but right now... I'm disgusted with myself as I told my boyfriend my sister was calling me and really... It was my ex boyfriend. I answered it & completely forgot about my boyfriend being on the other line... What should I do? should I block all contact I have with my ex? Or should I break up with my boyfriend? I haven't and would never cheat on my boyfriend or anyone & the fact that I even lied is bothering me...


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  • Just be like look an talk to him an tell why u didnitn


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