Is it ok to pay her dog a lot of attention?

Ok so I've recently started dating this girl and she has a german shepherd/siberian husky mix
And its the cutest dog possible
As you can see I love dogs

So here is the problem
The first time I went to her house (recently)
I think I paid her dog more attention then I did her
I know that I fucked up but how bad was it
I mean was it extremely unnatractive or rude?
Or is it ok?

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What Girls Said 5

  • I love dogs, so personally, I wouldn't find it rude. I'd join in with you. I'd probably do the same if I was at a guy's house and he had a dog, honestly lol.

    • Lol thanks
      So I guess it depends on the girl?

  • Maybe u were a little afraid to be over and u were doing it subconsciously to divert ur attention?

    • Maybe
      But we were really good friends before we started dating
      So I was chill around her, I didn't feel nervous
      But yeah, maybe subcconciously

      Then again even if I go to

    • I don't find it unattractive it find it kinda quirky and cute

  • I would do the same :)))))))))))))))))

  • It's fine, not really bad at all in my opinion

  • Yeh, that's kind of rude.

    • Ahh fine ok
      I'll apologize to her as soon as I see her again
      But its not like unforgivable or anything right?
      She never really knew I loved dogs before we started dating,
      But either way I'll apologize

What Guys Said 2

  • One of my lady friends invited me over to see her new dog. Then a month later, brought it over when it was 3x bigger! If she is a dog person, I think she will be happy that you and her pet get along and that you are kind to animals.

  • how dare you pay that mutt all the attention when you should be focusing on me!