Should I not text him for a while to see if he'll reach out? If he doesn't does that mean he's not interested?

I know he thinks about me because he just snap chatted me like 20 mins ago. We went on a few dates, we hung out and we hooked up when I was home over the Christmas break. He told me he had lots of fun so he asked me on a date again and pursued me. But now I'm back at school and we barley talk and if we do talk I'm always the one to reach out first and text him. He replies to me instantly and keeps the convo going. I want to get to know him better. In the beginning he was more persistent so is he waiting on me to be now? If he doesn't try talking to me what does that mean?


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  • I think he does want you to pursue him he is still showing he is interested by responding immediately and keeps the conversation going. I think part of it is he doesn't want to come off too strong and scare you off or seem needy.

    • I don't want to come off as clingy or annoying either, so what should I do? do I continue trying or should I wait like a week and see if he talks to me first?

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    • Only about a month ago, and I'm in university graduating this year and he has a job, he's older. And I did ask him to hang out already and we did. I just feel I am the one being clingy or annoying by texting him first all the time/ drunk texting him, but he does reply and keep talking to me so I don't know. I asked him if I was annoying him and he was like no why would you think that. But he's also a really really sweet guy who doesn't mess around and play games really. He said his last gf really messed him up.

    • Well just get straight to the point and ask if he wants to go out again that's the only way you will know.