How to ask a girl out?

I go for swimming at this pool. There is also this girl who comes to swim there. I really like her but she doesn't even seem to notice me. And to make matters even more tricky, her mother comes with her and is almost always around her. How should I approach the situation? Do I even stand a chance?


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  • Just smile at her first if you get a good response, then go up to her and introduce yourself. Don't worry about the mum, If you impress the mum then you'll impress her. Show that you are confident but not creepy. I'm pretty sure she has noticed you you just don't know it, girls are a lot better at hiding their interest


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  • If her mother is always around her, address the mother first. Ask them how their day is and ask if you can maybe talk to her daughter. This is where it gets awkward, because the daughter's reaction could either be positive or negative. That's something you need to decide on, if you want to risk that or not.


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