How do I kiss a woman that I just barely met? Would she like it?

I met this woman at my job three days ago and we kept talking texting hanging out. She's single, smart, cute and friendly, down to earth, just out of this world. She still live with her parents and I would walk home with her because we both get out of work at night she lives a couple of blocks away and so do I. She laughs at all my corny jokes she would sometimes repeat what I say. She even said "sometimes I wish somebody could kiss me" when it was just the two of us. I really like this women. Should I kiss her? How should I do it? Will she be creeped out if I did? Please help me 3:


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  • You should ask her out on a date but make it look casual. Then after that have fun make her laugh make her feel safe and relaxed because she let's her guard down. (Note: don't joke to much or shell think your goofy.) And just hold her close to you when ever you get the chance (after the date) caress her body/face stare her deeply in the eyes and go for a smooth kiss (slowly) and then BOOM magic. (P. S. don't get scared of getting close to her )

    • Make it look casual? How do eye know when she wants a kiss?

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    • How to tell if she wants to kiss? if she smiles a lot or laughs and looks at you that's when you could kiss her. If you don't know how to deliver then IMA say it again "just hold her close to you when ever you get the chance (after the date) caress her body/face stare her deeply in the eyes and go for a smooth kiss (slowly)" BOOM!!!

    • Note: don't use to much tongue or saliva.

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  • When she said "sometimes I wish somebody could kiss me" it may have been a hint. Right then you should have asked if she would like it if you kissed her. You missed that chance. Pay attention. If she says anything like that agian, don't let the chance get by you.

    • Is it to late? :(

    • Yes. You missed the moment. But if she likes you she will give you more hints. But if you let them get by without acting on them, she will stop hinting.

    • Yeah, you could go for the kiss right then after the obvious plea: "sometimes I wish somebody could kiss me", but I think better would be to flip the script. "I get kisses all the time. I figured you would too..."

  • Wait until the timing is right.
    We aren't looking for perfection here but, if you two are shoe and not at work, and in close proximity to each other, wait until after you make her laugh or something and when she's looking into your eyes.

    I usually ask a woman before I kiss her but, its not a good tactic with younger girls.

  • Do what you will 3 days is like not time at all if I were you and I was just really feeling like the time was right kiss her on the cheek she might try to kiss you back!!! Or if you wanted to keep things light kiss her on her forehead or on the top of the head like if you're taller than her and if she's gives you a hug then it's easy. Not to mention girls kinda love cute stuff like that she'll hopefully think it's sweet, but remember no creepy sh** like smelling her or touching her face none of that... NNNNOT UP IN HE-UH!!! Definitely don't back peddle like don't apologize or say you didn't mean it!!!

    • Okay what you do? You sound like you have a lot of experience? Any ideas?

    • Well I don't know this young lady for starters. Secondly I typically don't do anything involving open mouth for three months, unless she's going insane even then it's kinda fun just teasing a little bit but be careful girls are so tricky... But I'd start slow if I were you I'd stick with little pecks on the top of her head until you get more comfortable being around her... But also if kidding her just doesn't feel right by ALL MEANS just wait man there will be SO many opportunities for kissing just have fun being young... But no stupid decisions maje of that what you will

  • You know deep down if she would accept it and either know she would like it and are too afraid or are afraid she would reject you.

    • What ever do you mean? o__O

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    • How would you do it?

    • By knowing I could kiss her and just doing it.