Why do girls cry then act like everything is fine?

I will always comfort her ask her if somethings wrong. Get a stone wall and the other day made me feel like I'm the weird one for asking. Just lost my temper.


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  • Time of the month


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  • Tbh sometimes we really are fine after a good cry.
    Sometimes you just need to let it all out and be done with it

  • Maybe she doesn't like crying in front of others so when she does break down, it makes her feel embarrassed so she tries to act like nothing happened but then you ask, which makes her feel bad and her reaction is to say whatever she told you.

  • i dont understand what you're saying but a lot of us dont "act" like everything is fine, we just cry and let it out then pull it together

    • she's been diagnosed with depression. has been raped in her past. I don't know if this is just a buildup.

    • OMG ! poor girl :(
      then in that case if she seems to act a little off its totally normal, omg i would be suicidal if i get raped not just depressed :( i hope she gets over it

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