Should I stay in my long distance relationship?

So we're both in high school, but we will both graduate in a few months. We're taking a break for a few months now so we can focus on school and because we've been fighting a lot more recently because of issues in our lives, most or all isn't us. I just live in a bad house with a bad family. The plan is that I'll move to where she lives this summer. But then she'll start college and I'm planing on doing a cooking internship. So I'm wondering what I should do. Most the fighting is because of how bad my home is. I'm from Colorado and I am going to move to Pennsylvania in a few weeks for a month or two for a apprenticeships in cooking. So my life will get better and I think our relationship will get a lot better. We love each other a lot. And want to be together and we think we can. I just want other opinions on this. Should we take a break? If so how long? We're talking about until I get back from Pennsylvania so a month or two and then we'll both be almost done with school and me moving to her. I don't know. I just want other peoples thoughts.

Any other thoughts?
If you mean us then I hope a future with us together for a long time. If you mean the break, I don't know. It's been a day and I already miss her a lot. I can't imagine doing this for a month or two.


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  • I think you need to ask yourself, where is this going?

  • Take a break


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