Is it just me? or are other girls/guys experiencing this as well?

I feel like I have the worst luck with men, especially recently. Recently I have had multiple guys that have seemed interested at first and we exchange numbers and text and talk and set up an actual date and either we go out once and I never hear from them again (even though they tell me how great I am, etc... which if they are lying than they shouldn't even say it. lol) or we plan a date and I get stood up! This last guy was trying to make future plans with me before our first date and then stopped talking to me 3 days before we were supposed to go out. lol what the heck?

maybe i need to find a couple lucky pennies or a four-leaf clover. haha


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  • ' You have to kiss plenty on ugly toads before you meet your Prince Charming...'


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  • It happens, some people finD the one after 1-2 people, some takes 10+


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