HELP! Had fight with guy, he now ignores me, drunk texted me, my friends say he would like me! What is going on with him and how can I get him back?

I met a guy at a club and we hooked up. He was complimenting and teasing me, very sweet. I texted him and he wrote back carefully but stopped suddenly. Suddenly I ran into him totally unexpected on a party. He made up a girlfriend and that he therefore couldn’t text back. I told him I would like to be friends with benefits. He asked back three times if I wasn’t after a relationship and I denied which is the truth. I later got mad by his assumption and lie that I texted him he would be delusional to think I’d ever consider a relationship with him. We later spoke and he wanted me to join him. After making sure that I was watching him, I saw him chatting with a girl. I then totally lost it and slapped him for being disrespectful and left. He constantly texted me and was trying to quiet me. Since I was mad I insulted him very badly! He later called and begged me. When he picked me up he looked like a nervous wreck and when I kissed him he wouldn’t really return the kiss and held my hand in a limp way. One of his friends made a nasty remark I therefore got scared and left. He didn’t notice and was really upset and begged me to come to his place but I didn’t. One week later I felt bad for insulting him and went to his place to apologize in person. He was very cold and was hiding his feelings. He said he would have accepted my apology and that there was nothing for me to be feeling bad about but didn’t let me into his home and wanted me to leave almost aggressively. He didn’t allow me to kiss him or hold his hand. I texted him and explained myself. But he kept ignoring me. A week later he wrote me a drunk massage and asked me to talk to him but didn’t pick up the phone the next day. I gave him 4 weeks of space but still no improvement. My girlfriend talked to him and in the end she asked him to then end it with me if he doesn’t want to see me anymore, he ignored it again. I like him and don’t know what to do.

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Thank you guys for your answers!!
I would really appreciate more opinions :)


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  • Phew, guys of his tips are no good.
    A man who doesn't know what he wants or what he gotta do isn't worth it.


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