Do you girls ever stop to think if a guy hitting on you is too good for you?

Hello girls, I've just got rejected recently and this suddenly popped into my head. No its not that I'm the super awesome, I'm the normal guy.

Just wondering about this because I kinda just went up to her and asked her out for coffee and got a "maybe not?"

Then whilst asleep I suddenly had a huge idea smacking me so hard I flew onto my phone and typed this question out.

A girl tends to choose from what is available to her. She tends to pick the best. A guy tends to lower his standards until better stuff comes along.

Let's say some really suave guy tries to hit on you, would you ever stop to consider if he's too good for you and might dump you later for someone else or would you think... (ha! Lucky me!)

I tend to think girls lose out more in such relationships... I might be wrong! Please help! I'd like to rest easy 'literraly'.

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  • Yes, I would find out more about him or test him out
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  • No, I would pick the best, afteral I might be the one underestimating myself. If some hot star asked me out, I probably had something to catch his eye.
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  • Just want to find out the results.
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  • Well 1, there's no accounting for guys taste in women. For example who hasn't seen a gorgeous guy with a girl that made you go, really? her? and 2, I have a pretty high opinion of myself so it probably wouldn't occur to me that he's out of my league or something. All that said, I am aware that a lot of times men hit on you simply because looking at you made them think of sex rather than any desire to actually date you. In the end it all depends on what you are looking for.
    While I'll admit I like a pretty face, I usually evaluate the guy a bit more before I choose to date him. Not out of a feeling that he might be out of my league though but rather because I require my boyfriends to have more substance than just looks going for them.

    • Lul, I think you got the part about guys worrying about the competition hogging every girl's attention.

      Everyone would like to be first pick, to be your number one, to be the one that when in a relationship, both are fair with each other, and both need each other's complimenting qualities to achieve certain relationship goals.

      The worry is that when a girl assumes that any hot guy that hit on her has all those other good intentions apart from sex, or temporary enjoyment.

      This setting up of false expectations occasionally sticks with some girls. She ends up in a cycle of only dating such guys, hoping one of them would be different from the rest.

      Eventually, she 'settles' for a guy who is more in league with her, but always has some resentment to him for not 'being good enough'.

      Guys are pretty worried, and pissed, about both points.

      Maybe I'm wrong, but I personally feel that this situation is becoming more and more common.

    • But also from your viewpoint, it also means that any random guy can hit on ANY girl considered 'out of his league'.

      It's up to him to think about things and not give too much of a crap about anything else.

      There's no accounting for girls taste in men.

    • What I'm saying there's also no accounting for men's taste in women. its all about the individuals view points.

  • I always wonder if it's a sick bet


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