Is he really likes me or he is such a player?

I've met a man from US on a online dating site. We have talked a few days by message then he sent me his number to talk on WhatsApp. He told me that he want to settle down and make a family, and he want someone outside his country. We started texting each other everyday and for many hours/day, mostly he start the conversation. I think we already know the personality of both of us. He called me sweetie, cute and beautiful. One Day he said to me (Baby), he said it's mean here (sweetheart). It was first time use this word and i said this to him, he answered me " I know, that's why I explained it to you", the same day he said " I like you ". I told him I want to trust you but what if you're a player. He answered me: " I'm not a player I like you. He's really nice and sweet with me and I admit I like him too. I just want to know how can I make sure that he likes me? Body Language can answer this question but we can not meet it's just texting. Anyone can advice me or suggest a way to know?

Thanks in advance!

I forgot to add that we can't talk on phone because it's very expensive!


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  • The only way to really know is to actually meet him. You can talk to him on the phone and listen to his tone of voice

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