Did I make a mistake by sleeping with him on the second date?

So i met this guy at the beginning of January, we exchanged numbers and were talking but i wasn't really into it tbh (i had ex bf drama) anyway he wanted to meet up to which i was open minded too, the plans for dinner didn't work out as he had work but still wanted to see me so asked if he could come round. i agreed because any previous attempts he had made to see me i was always busy and we live quite far from each other. He came round and everything was good but the sexual chemistry was through the roof, he told me he wasn't trying to go all the way if i wasn't ready and wanted to take things slow to which i agreed but we were both really tempted. After this we spoke however i've consistently noticed he's not someone to txt/call me all times of the day even though he should be trying to "woo" me and we dont live close, but he insists thats in his character, he's a shit communicater. Anyway we arrange to go out a second time to which he took me to a bar for a couple drinks and came back to mine after, again the temptation was so high but he puts me at ease so i didn't mind, even though this isn't something i normally do and haven't slept with anyone in a year prior to this. The next morning we texted but after that i haven't heard from him, am i overthinking?, is he not that into me?


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  • There's nothing wrong on you sleeping with anyone on your second date. Now, that doesn't mean the guy is cool. The more time passes since that moment, more bigger the chances he was just there for the sex...

  • You are over analyzing, just go with the flow, and do not think too much over it


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