Have you ever had a girl that does this?

When she cheated on you, lied to you, and hurt you so bad. But she'll post things on Facebook about loyalty, and how cheaters suck, and how "If you talk to a guy who has a boyfriend, your a little tramp." Yet she does the shit herself?

Ever had a girl like this?


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  • If you talk to a guy who has a boyfriend you are a tramp?

    Besides anything else, this alone is enough to make me think she is a dick.

    She sounds like an awful hypocrite.


What Guys Said 1

  • Most people are like that, not just cheating but in most spheres if behaviour. When you have two opposing thoughts in your head, it's called cognitive dissonance and it makes you feel shit. So you override it with another distorted thought to make you feel better. I know these 2 couples, the 2 guys were best friends and they even married their wives on the same day. But a few days after the friend slept with the other friends wife (and when it came out, it was found that the other friend did his wife too) like such a mess up. The funniest part though is, the friend and his friends wife (the new couple) came to a wedding that I was at and they wrote a quote about loyalty in the wedding book, like how how life is better when people are loyal. I was like..."yip.., cognitive dissonance 101, hypocrites and now I'm going to punish that open bar"

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