I want to take a girl out tonight but I feel like it needs to be the best because I rather do nothing than ruin should just ask her out?

I don't like taking girls to bars or clubs I feel like it's trashy and want them to know I respect them and I don't have a car ( I'm college she doesn't a car either) but we will have to walk in the cold but i think she likes but we have not talked in awhile I think she is the partying type should I just ask her out or wait and how do get girls to dance with me when I'm out?


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  • I think it's really great you want to treat girls with respect. if you feel clubs are trashy just take her out to dinner. or if you want it to be 'best' as you say than don'd do it tonight but take your time to plan something more original and special. if you are out in the club and want to dance with a girl, just ask her to dance, it's that simple ;)

    • Cool profile picture, and sorry for all the mistakes in the description. Will just simply asking her to dinner work or do I have to build rapport and the girl I'm trying to go with is always out partying. So if you were her and you liked to party and the excitement of it would you be bored with a dinner date? Thanks.

    • thanks. partying is fun, but it's not the same as dating, it's not romantic. ;D for dating you need the quiet atmosphere where you can talk and get to know eachother. if she's anything like me, than yeah, a dinner alone could sound a little dull, so why don't you suggest something fun and active before that, and afterwards you both get hungry so then grab a bite to eat. :) hope I helped

  • I like guys like you lol but seriously I don't know I think you should ask her out u never know until you try and some party girls don't like going to clubs with guys because it is uncomfortable but would do it with friends people they know I don't know I think you should ask her out


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