What's wrong thing that turns on you that you won't admit to others?

For me I love when a guy I'm talking to is super possessive, super jealous and think he owns me
I like misogynists

One *** wow dumbest typo


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  • I like when guys beg for it and I love that rough sex


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  • lol ima kinky bastard but im also open in my relationships... after 5 years of serious relationships and 4 years of them being sexual there's not much ill hide... if i want to try something ill say it and im just lucky enough to be with someone atm that will try nearly anything so we can experiment and try things that we never considered b4...

    years ago i would never allow a woman near my nipples or ass as it gave me a (gay) feeling but ill tell u i missed out... i recommend never saying no unless its dangerous or painful... and you might have to consider the pain as a possible pleasure LOL

    • Pain is pleasure to me

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    • I rather do two guys
      I would never do 1 girl and my man

    • i would never even consider 2 guys 1 woman if my woman would not consider 2 women 1 guy... im open to doing damn near anything she wants all i ask is she do the same with me... if she dont y should i be open to her kinks?

      im lucky cause my women wants a 3some either way though we have yet to arrange it and im not sure if we will... all the same

  • Trick question. There isn't really anything I'd feel ashamed to admit to others.
    A big thing for me though is having a fart fetish. I get turned on around women farting.

  • LOL, no way I'm putting my kinky shit here in open conv. I like yours though
    ! lol

  • I like biting like on the ear and neck just a little no vampire sh** here... Also when she instigates foreplay or is super horny and just goes for broke, except I'm also kind of a jerk so sometimes if I know she's horny I'll just say no but then it's!!! So much better next time 😜


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  • Nothing I won't admit but BDSM, balls, muscles and flaccid and thick dicks turn me on.

  • A misogynist might be inclined to kill you, ya know...

  • You're an idiot.

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