Should I Contact Or Leave It Up To Her?

Over a month ago i began dating a girl. First few dates were great. We had connection and liked each other. During that month she would often initiate contact with me. Sometimes she would randomly text me at night to see what I was up to. Even if she was out with other people. Sometimes double text if I didn't respond right away.. but wasn't annoying about it. The next two dates we made out. First time casual. We teased each other (tickled wrestled). She smiled and laughed. She said she had only been with 8 guys and thought that was a lot for 26. She wanted to wait. When I told her i only been with 8 girls she said.. no way.. you're super hot! The next date we made out again passionately. Things were getting hot. I asked her.. but she said she wanted to wait. I told her i would respect that. After that she had a guilty look on her face and said she was sorry. I told her she had no reason to be. After that she jumped on me and was all over me.

Two days later she bailed on a concert we planned and said she wasn't ready for a relationship. She said I was awesome and thought she was ready but couldn't handle it. Later she said she was scared. She didn't feel on my level yet. She felt like she didn't know me well enough to like me as much as I like her. I told her I understood and that it was ok. She said she was sorry but glad i understood. It's been a week since we spoke. now realize I may have pressured her indirectly. I care about her.. I want to clear things up. She hasn't deleted me on Facebook. Whenever girls flake on me they delete me immediately. I don't expect anything out of her.. but I still made moves that may have been soon. Do you think she loss interest, got scared, or really isn't ready. Should I contact her or just leave it up to her? I'm really conflicted because I feel like I may have been at fault.


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  • Contact her again sometime soon, try to set up another date or something. It is your job, as a man, to take initiative. Most guys try to race to the pussy, and the heart, though.

    Slow and steady, my friend.

    But if it seems like a dead end, turn the fuck around and find a different avenue, ya dig?

    • I've moved slow in the past and women thought I was weird or I got friend zoned. So I guess that's why i made moves so quickly. She was definitely into it when we made out.. but I could tell something was wrong when she said she was sorry with a guilty look.. then jumped on me and started making out with me. I guess I'll have to give her some space for now and gain her trust.

    • That's a safe bet. And don't limit your options in the mean time. The less you make it seem like you need the woman, the more likely she is to want you.

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  • Why not contact her and let her know there's no hard feelings.


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