Thoughs on including contact info in a valentines day card?

so I'm in the process of writing up a message for Valentine's day card I'm sending to girl I know , its not a super romantic card more casual and happy greeting type vday card. anyways not sure if I should include my # or email in the card itself? does that seem too desperate or such? but I want her to have a way to contact me if she felt such a desire? any thoughs


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  • That is lame. If you like her then approach her and ask her out like a man, you aren't 12 years old, don't use a card so you can avoid rejection, be an actual adult about it.

    • well the reason for sending the card was she lives in another city and I wouldn't have the chance to see her in person. it was sort of a summer fling type thing we had and I haven't seen much of her since , but I still have feelings for her and want to keep in touch with her

    • It's pointless to pursue someone in another country, nothing can come of it and you will be torturing yourself hoping something does. If she hasn't contacted you then just leave her alone.

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