How often do you have sex?

For those who have been in a relationship.

  • Once a week or less
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  • 2-3 times a week
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  • 3-5 times a week
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  • Daily or close to
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  • More than daily
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Most Helpful Girl

  • My bf and I are in a long distance relationship and only see each other on the weekends. So it's usually about 2x per week.


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  • We mosly only see each other twice a week since we live an hour apart. But whenever we see each other we have sex at least once a day (even if we see each other for a longer time). So when we move in together I think it's gonna be quite a lot ;)

  • I can't even vote because I would like to have sex everyday but my boyfriend is in college and I'm in high school so I can't have sex until he comes back home


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