Is he in it just for sex? what are the signs?

We already had sex and hooked up and a month later he asked me out on a date. It was really cute and he planned it out, paid, it was a lot of fun. He told me he had a lot of fun so I asked him to hang out again and we did. We had sex on our second date again. This was over the break when I was home so now we are about 3 hours apart. We don't really talk much, but when we do it's always me starting the convo. He keeps it going and replies really fast though. He was super persistent in the beginning.. so now I'm just starting to think it was just about the sex. I did start to like him and want o get to know him better and just hangout with him when I'm home and see where things go. I did see him 3 weeks ago for a friends bday and we were together all night kissing and he was being very couply with me..


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  • Sounds as if he doesn't know what he wants. Maybe the hours a part between you two when you go back to school is a factor. It's easy to say all he wants is sex, but ultimately, you need to ask him what he's thinking or just get out when you can.

    • I think he likes you though.

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    • You guys are just so complicated lol. He is also older than me by 4 years so I feel he has a different view on dating than my generation, I'm 22. Thanks for the advice

    • Girls complicated too lol but you're welcome.

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  • No, he took you out and is making the effort to keep the connection. If he just wanted sex then he wouldn't put in so much effort.