Guys, have you ever had someone whom you considered as your first love?

If so, did you had the chance to be in a relationship with them? Did it worked out? If not, how did you dealt with the heartbreak? Do you still love them?

Sorry if my grammar is atrocious :/


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  • Yes, I did. And I was in a relationship with her. It didn't end well, though. She cheated on me. No, I don't love her anymore. I stopped loving her the moment I realized that she had cheated on me.


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  • Yes. And we were together for about 4 years until about 8 months ago we broke up. I've tried REALLY HARD to get over it but I still hurts thinking about everything that happened but whatever you live and you learn... And I still very much love her and I hope she can one day grow up and stop being so selfish!!!

  • Yes, but didn't had the chance to be in a relationship with them.
    She flipped me off saying I am a lower. *sob*
    :D anyway I got a girlfriend now and she is much better than her in every way. I love hey so much.


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