Why did he stop pursuing me all of a sudden?

We have already had sex and hooked up. A month later he asked me out for a date. It was really cute, he planned it out, paid for everything, it was a lot of fun. He told me he had a lot of fun with me so I asked him to hang out again and we did. Bur we had sex on our second date again. This was over the break when I was home for Christmas so now we are about 4 hours apart. We don't really talk a lot after I left, but when we did talk it was always me starting the convo. He would keep it going and would reply really fast though. He was super persistent in the beginning.. so now I'm just wondering whats going on and why he's stopped really pursuing me. I did start to like him and I want to get to know him better and just hangout with him when I'm home to see where things could go. I did see him 3 weeks ago for a friends birthday and we were together all night kissing and being very coupley. Advice? Should I continue to try? I will be home next weekend I want to ask him to hangout.. I dont want to come off as clingy or annoying.. i have already drunk called and texted him a few times. what to do?

Should I not sleep with him the next time we hangout?


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  • If you want a serious guy, never jump into fast for sex.
    I doubt he is sincere tbh
    he is probably already checking out other girls

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