Could he like me and have feelings for me but just be in it for sex?

I feel he does like me because he puts in an effort. He's always smiling when he's with me and kissing me. He took me out on dates and paid and we hung out many times, but we did have sex every time except for our first date, but We did have sex a month before he asked me on the first date. But Im not sure where its going, because Im back at school for another 3 months and he's working so were 3 hours apart.


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  • Even if he does have feelings for you, you're lessening them by having sex with him every time.

    • so I should hold off with the sex?

    • Yeah, absolutely. Don't have sex with him unless he commits to a relationship with you. By doing this, you an also accurately judge if he really has feelings, or just wants to have sex.

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  • ... I feel he does like me because he puts in an effort... Yes, I see that you both are beginning your beguine with some chemistry and between something as special as 'He's always smiling when he's with me and kissing me,' to taking you out and spending time and money on you, it's obvious you are Not a booty but more like A----Date mate.
    You are dating and although you are in the baby steps of nursing and nurturing, it sounds as though it could go down a path where it could Lead into a partnership if you both make the concerted effort to work together on now what is is this '3 hours a part.'
    Go slow with his flow. He may not want to be in a Real Relationship right now. However, open lines of convo is one of the most important factors in any new or old relationship, so you might want to keep this in mind with you both being just a stone's throw so you can Continue where you left off.
    Perhaps along the lines of Skype, not just texting or calling can be a big help here, dear. If he really cares about you, being 'Back at school for another 3 months' will only be like right around the corner in time and distance.
    Good luck and blessings for the new year. xx