What do you think of age gaps in the dating realm?

So I'm 17, but I'm ALWAYS attracted to guys older than me because of their maturity, and I have an old soul. Lol. Nothing crazy though, you wouldn't find me with some one who is like in their twenties, just a few years older due to my morals. Now when I turn 18 that gap will probably start to increase because that's just how I am, I know where to cut it off though for my personal taste. I've noticed that age gaps become more acceptable the older you are, and I guess it's because when you're in your "schooling years" or teen years you're still growing and maturing, and people don't like the idea of say an 8 and 16 year old together, but a 20 and 28 year old won't nearly get as much fuss what about a 30 and 40 year old? Nothing. I guess once you're an adult and are, "grown" it makes it more acceptable. I'm not mocking it either, I'm seriously trying to figure out what the difference is. Anyway, how do you all feel about age gaps and dating?


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  • The rule I was always taught this formula.5A+7= minimum age you should date where a = your age. orrr to figure out maximum it would be 2(A-7)= max age you should date,

    As someone that was 5 years old and thought 25-40 year old men were hott, I relate to you lol. Honestly age is just a number, but as you age and mature you realize how important it is to bond and relate with people. It is very difficult to bond when you are not/have not experienced the same things, thus larger age gaps during higher development times become a difficult barrier to overcome because of the greater difference. That is why a 13 year old and a 26 year old have almost nothing in common and is a very shocking couple while a 26 and 29 year old are no big deal. There is little development in the 3 years from from 26 to 29 versus 13 to 16 thus the couple has a lot more in common since the 29 year old is virtually the same person they were at 26, and thus can still relate. Ultimately the number doesn't matter, but the ability to connect does and for most people that requires someone closer to their own age.
    My mother always told me she expected her son-in-law to be older than she was since I always had a thing for dramatically older men. She told me the other day that no I am in my mid twenties, she is shocked that I like men my own age. I explained it to her as this: I've always liked men this age, I just finally caught up to them. When I am in my 50's I'm still going to like men in in their late 20's- mid 30's, I'll just be a cougar then lol.
    This is just that awkward stage between jail bait and cougar.

    • Lmbo. Yes that all makes sense. I kind of figured the stages in your life you're at had something to do with it, I just couldn't find one whole word to sum it up in.

  • Two consenting adults can date whoever they want.

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