Help with dating advice?

So my niece is 16 and she has never had a bf. She thinks she is ugly amd that is why she is single. I think she is pretty she is 5'7 and has tan skin brown eyes a pixie cut with brown hair. She is a little overweight but she looks okay to me. Anyways, she wants to know why she is still single and i dont know why. People tell her she is beautiful and sweet and stuff but guys dont approach her. Why is that?


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  • that is because now a lot of guys don't approach girls, and prefer to be approached instead. Not saying if this approach is right or wrong. But if she wants to date, then she should consider approaching guys herself, instead of sitting around and waiting for guys to approach her. She already waited for guys, it didn't happen. So now the onus is on her to make it happen.

    • Well she likes this guy and wants to ask him out but they dont talk but he said she is cute. He also brought her up to her mother. She is afraid he will think its weird as her friends do cuz they dont know each other. But to me that is how you get to know someone you like but it is highschool:/

    • Yeah, you are spot on! Encourage her to ask him out!

  • Too young, and not my type, physically... I'm sure she's a cool girl though. For someone who prefers that type, physically


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