Are my boyfriend and I going to be okay?

We've been dating for nearly a year.
About 1 month ago, we had a huge argument, it was massive and it made me realise that I had been pretty selfish in our relationship for a long time. I vowed to change, and I have changed. I don't threaten to leave him or act like I am always right anymore. I have slipped up a couple of times, but I am always quick to apologise because I know it is something I can control and I promised to not do again.

About a week after this talk, I would cook for him almost everyday and take a genuine interest in the things he likes, but I noticed that I started to have a few nagging tendancies (which we argued about) and decided to take a step back and get a grip. And all was good, for a time.

Yesterday, however, I had gone round to his place so we could catch an 11 o'clock bus into town and he was dragging along, not really in a hurry while the clock was ticking. He went into the bathroom and said that he would probably miss that bus and try and catch the next one at 3. I said al right then, and that I would go ahead without him. While he was still in the bathroom, we said our goodbyes and I left.
A half hour later, while I am sitting in the bus waiting for it to leave, he comes up to it and gives me my keys through the window (I had no idea I had forgotten them at his place) and he is not speaking to me. I quickly alight and ask him what is wrong and he says I walked away from him while he was talking to me and that I left his place in a huff just because he didn't want to go on the same bus as me. He said that he had tried to call me on my phone and I didn't pick up (honestly, my phone did not ring at all, I even showed him my call log) and that he couldn't deal with me doing the usual storming out I am used to doing.
He said some really mean stuff, but I didn't want to engage so I said goodbye and left. (He said that was just me taking the easy way out, as usual)

What is going on?

I did not just leave his house, I said goodbye, and he said goodbye.
Perhaps, because he was still in the bathroom he continued to talk to himself.


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  • I guess he is just pissed off at you for walking out. And its a natural thing to happen due to what u said above. Try apologising to him and NOT walking out next time.

    • When I left his house, I said bye and he said bye and then I left. I didn't just leave.