GUYS: Which out of these four picks is your type of girl?

Which out of these four girlfriend types would you prefer: The motherly type? The best friend type? The hard to get type? Or the submissive type?

The motherly type: takes care of your needs as if you were her own child. She nurtures you, cooks for you, kisses you good night and makes sure everything in your life is in order. You never need to worry because she is always tending to you.

The best friend type: You are equals and the best of partners. It feels so easy with her like you're one in the same. There's no pressure to be anyone but yourself around her and you two fit naturally.

The hard to get type: She's way out of your league in more than one aspect. She's not only gorgeous but she's brilliant and makes you want to be better for her. You're not quite sure you deserve her but she's perfect for you and she pushes you to work harder.

The submissive type: she is sweet and well behaved. She listens to you and will follow your lead when making decisions. She's agreeable and makes sure you know that you're the king of the house. You never have to worry about her loyalty because she loves you dearly and treats you like Prince Charming.

Which would you choose?

  • The Motherly Type
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  • The Best Friend Type
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  • The Hard To Get Type
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  • The Submissive Type
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Type #3 is what I "need".

    Type #1 is what I "want".

    Type #4 is what I "deserve".

    Type #2 is what I "loathe".


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What Guys Said 5

  • "Best friend" type is the best you can get
    in a relationship, nothing beats being equal
    and liking/enjoying the same things.

  • the best friend type of course

  • Best friend type

  • I would say... they are all of the above!

  • E). I prefer the dominant type of girl, who likest to take initiative, and to be in charge, I really love assertive and sexually aggressive girls ;)
    But from these above... I guess B, basically - all of them except for submissive girls, I don't like them.


What Girls Said 1

  • I like girls and well all of these options sound kind of awful. The only one I really like is the out of your league type

    • Sorry I meant to say the best friend, not the hard to get