Girls, would you ever date a guy who has a kid?

Girls, would you ever date a guy who has a kid? why or why not?


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  • I'm not a girl, but I'd like to chime in. . I've notice more girls with guys who have kids than guys with girls who have kids. The reason? My theory is that a woman is usually the one who gets custody of the kid when a couple breaks up, so, when a man has a new girlfriend, the new girlfriend knows that she won't have to compete with the kid for his time.

    • I meant, when a man has a child, he doesn't have custody. That's why it's easier for a girl to date a guy who has a kid, instead of the other way around.

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  • I as a guy would def never date a women with a child. I'm 22 so its way early for children for me. Unless you're old enough to be thinking about having children it doesn't really make sense to date someone with a kid.

    • I'm also 22 and no way am I at that age capable of raising children.

  • It depends on you if you like the kids or not

    and haw old is she or he?

    but if I were you I would do that because I like small kids


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  • Yes. He probably knows how to be more responsible now and you can watch him and see how he treats his kid. If its not how you'd like him to treat your kids-you know to stop

  • I would and have. Seeing how he interacts with his children is a good way to determine his demeanor. The kids were also gave me a lot of love and were very sweet. But it's definitely not for someone who is looking for exclusive attention.

  • I'm 22, and the answer is HELL NO! I don't have any kids and I feel that the person I am dating shouldn't either.

    • Lovely-one,

      I beg you to reconsider.

      Just think of how many mistakes you've made.

      What if your mistake would have taken you on the ride of having a kid, it would change you view in this matter.

      I don't have any kids, but I have a few friends with kids.

      I'd date a girl who has a kid under certain conditions.

      For 1 thing

      I'd have to be really into her

      She have to be mature

      Just know, most guys mature faster, around your age, after having a kid. "MOST"


      A Loving Black Man

    • I am still standing strong on not dating men with kids. Like I said before, I am 22 and I am not dealing with kids at all! I would consider it if I was older like in my 30s or something but right now, I'm looking to build a team not join one that's already established.

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