Girls: Which do your prefer of Valentine's Day: receiving flowers/candy delivered to you, having your special someone give it to you in person, or?

I got to thinking about how differnt we all are. My X loved the attention she got when she received Valentine's Day deliveries at work, while others have have known much prefer a nice private dinner - just the two of us without the pomp and circumstance, and others like both. What do you prefer?

  • I love receiving surprise deliveries (flowers, etc) at work or at home.
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  • I'd much prefer an intimate dinner in or out with my SO
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  • Can't I have both? They're are not pretty nice.
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  • None of the above, I'll explain...
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  • Dude, just show me the answers
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Majority vote for spending time with the person, I like it!


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  • None of the above. Simply because I'm not into flowers... you can go ahead and bring me the chocolates though. I rather dinner at a restaraunt, taking a nice long walk with him, a movie... just as long as we're together


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  • I wouldn't want anyone I work with to feel bad so I'd prefer a dinner. Plus time together let's you enjoy the best part of your relationship: the other person.

  • I picked the first one don't know why probably because I've never had any one send me flowers to my work or home I've been given flowers though

    • I think it's the notion that it says, Someone loves me and they want everyone to know. How does that sound?

    • Yeah maybe, im there's and they want to all to know sounds sweet but im single so fat chance of me getting flowers :-(

    • Awww... That's just an opportunity to be with the right person rather than locked into a relationship with the wrong one. (c;

  • I'm not big on Valentine's, but if he's going to do something I want it to be nice and private. And definitely in person if he's giving chocolates and flowers.

    • I am liking the "in person" responses - to me it says, I care more about the guy than the gift.

  • I would prefer my special someone giving them to me in person.


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