If a girl master baits on the phone what dose it mean?

well this girl i meet online is very cool long story short but we text each other everyday and she calls me every night to fall asleep and she says things like how my voice helps her sleep and how she never laughed soo hard be4 on the phone then today she could not sleep i end up telling her few bed time story as i do everyday but this time it was kinda sexy i guess you can say then she said she got wet 4 times then i told her well just rub one out then so she did on the phone kinda shocked me alittle then i asked her why she did that after she told me because she got wet 4 times and i told her to rub one out o. O. so my question is what she wants? she said not like if i would ever have kids with you but white Chinese kids look soo cute and such?


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  • Who's Master Baits? Is he some sort of Bond Villain?