Is The Ball In Her Court Or Mine. Long Story?

Over a month ago I started dating a girl. We went 6 times. We got along great. She would often initiate contact with me. She would randomly text me at night asking me what I was up to even if she was out with her friends. That means she thought about me. The last two dates we made out. The first time she said she wasn't ready for sex.. indirectly. We had fun.. we wrestled with each other and she laughed and smiled. The second time things got really hot. In the heat of the moment I asked her again (which I shouldn't have). She said she wanted to wait. I told her it was ok and I would wait. She said she was sorry. I told her she didn't need to be. I told her I wasn't just out to get in her pants. After that.. she was all over me. We didn't have sex, though. I text her the next evening and she seemed fine.

The next day she bailed on concert plans for that night and told me she wasn't ready for a relationship. She said I was an awesome guy but couldn't handle it. Later she opened up and said she was sorry and scared. She said she didn't feel like she was on my level yet. She said she didn't feel like she knew me well enough to like me as much as i seemed to like her. I told her I understood that it takes time and trust and never expect anyone to open up right away. I told her it was ok and understood. She said she was sorry but glad I understood. At first I thought.. oh well.. its in her court. Now I realize I may have pushed the boundaries and scared her. She was definitely into me when making out and in general. She would smile when I kissed her and laughed when I would flirt with her. She hasn't deleted me on fbook like all girls do when they ditch you. Should I contact her soon, give her a few more weeks, or leave it up to her. We haven't spoke in a week. I like her.. I just want to clear things up and give her a chance to get to know me.


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  • give her space YES ball is indeed in a court but it doesn't matter who's... she will either come around or she won't, don't chase though.


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