Why would she come to the restaurant early?

I asked this girl out and got to the resteraunt 15 minutes before we agreed to me. I waited outside and sent her a text message that I'll meet her at the door. She told me, "Already inside". I walked in and she was at the table looking more lovely than I remember. She said she was waiting 30 minutes before.

We had a debacle before where we were going to meet up but I didn't confirm with her and she didn't think it was on. Perhaps this is why?

Is it a good sign she came early? Or irrelevant?

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Maybe someone could elaborate with an answer?
Looks like girls overwhelmingly think this is a good thang.


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  • By her showing up First, it shows me she is Johnny on the Spot and by her even Coming----She said she was waiting 30 minutes before.
    However, from what I am seeing below here, dear, with you with her 'Didn't respond to my last text,' it may now go either way, even though she did say 'It was a really fun date,' to her being not only Considerate with her First good impression, but could Now just be acting polite and end up putting you on her pay no mind list.
    Don't press anymore buttons on your own end until she has replied to your message. Along with her being on time early the First Time around, I am finding her a bit slow as a turtle in texting and in my my book of Etiquette, that is not a Good----Second impression.
    She may be 'Sweet' as you say, but I find 'No response' after the fact, rude... today is Monday.
    Good luck. xx


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  • You don't go that early to meet someone you don't care for. She likes you and probably just got ahead of herself. I doubt she meant anything bad by it.

    • I felt bad she got there so early... I picked the place because it was close to her and wouldn't travel far

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    • So I should wait for her to text me or no?

    • I'd go with waiting for her to reply, though if it gets to 2 weeks without a reply I think it's safe to text again without badgering.

  • Some people like being early. I'm always 20-30 mins to everything whether it's work or school. Maybe she showed up early because she was excited and really likes you

    • hope so, I really like her... our date went fantastic... I thought. Concerned I texted her too much the next day and blew it.

    • I'm sure it will be okay. Just don't seem too eager

  • she made sure to be there early cause she likes you a lot.

    • She's very sweet. She texted me "It was a really fun date"... but didn't respond to my last text.

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    • your welcome. best of luck to you.😉

    • We're set up for a date on Thursday

  • it's a good sign, either she had some time to kill or didn't want to be late, nothing to obsess over just be glad she's not 30 mins late instead :P

  • She was eager and excited. How is this a bad thing?

    • I wonder if she was testing me to see if I would be there early.

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    • You are.

    • When do you think I should text her? Or should I wait for her to text?

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