How to win a girl's heart?

This is for the ladies thank you!


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    1) BE AFFECTIONATE...but not suffocating

    2) LEAD IN A POSITIVE WAY...Be assertive, but not possessive

    3) MAKE HER LAUGH (Comedy is a great icebreaker)

    4) PHYSICAL APPEARANCE...women like their men well-groomed and in physical shape as well.

    5) CLASS...This means paying for dinner. Opening doors. Compliment her on her wardrobe. Research the restaurants. Take her to a film, comedy show, art and wine gallery, plays. Select the appropriate attire. This means no 'sagging jeans' or 'white tees.' And please, leave the throwback jersies at home if you're over the age of 30!

    6) SCENT... I know this sounds obvious, but deodorant needs to be worn every day. No woman wants to be in the presence of a musky man. The best way to win her over is to select the RIGHT cologne. Here's a clue, Don't drown yourself with it, like most retards do. Sprinkle it in subtle areas that she may have direct contact with. Your neck, collar, or wrist. If you decide to kiss her good night, she will lean over and smell your neck and collar, and if you use your hand to hold her face when you kiss her, she will smell your wrist as well. A woman never forgets a great scent!

    7) GREAT CONVERSATION...A man should never hide who he is, his likes or dislikes. If you have a love or passion for comic books, then mention it. However, do not limit yourself. Some men, natuarally become too complacent in their dreams, jobs, hobbies, and etc. Think outside the box, take more rsiks, and be more open-minded. Read journals, different types of magazines. be more cultured, more diversed. This always makes a topic for a GREAT discussion.

    8) SEXY & ROMANTIC...Spur of the moment kisses is always sexy. Make direct eye contact with her when making out. Be a master at kissing! Kiss with your soul, but allow your tongue to translate what you're feeling.

    She will be so 'IN LOVE' with you, and READY to say "I do."

    • I guess you should only be yourself ... because for me if a disgoustin guy does all that .. its as if he did nothing , so yeah :)

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  • For me, the little things make me go "aww he is so sweet." Like actgin intereted in what a girl has to say, and asking her questions. Or if she says something like "i am so nervous about my game tonight," then go to her the next day and say "how did your game go?"

    things like that always get my attention. It shows he cares enough to listen to you, and rmember what you said. And holding the door is a big one too.

    And I was talking to thie one guy, it was like 10 at night. and I said :oh my favorite show is on! are you watchig it" and he was like "nah I am dead tired." and I said "oh ok then ill let you get some sleep, night" and he said "no that's ok, tell me what is happening."

    i thoght that was so sweet because I knew he could care less because the show was project runway, but he stayed up tolisten to me talk about my favorite show.

    You don't have to do anyting big, just little things like that.

    • I do those still single...figures

    • Just one question catgirl9--"sweet" guys will do these things, but will they make you attracted to the guy? Or do these things only win your heart once you're already attracted to a guy? Thanks

    • Those things make a guy stand out above other guys. I don't necessarily have to like him, but I would definitely respect him a lot more if he did things like that. And if I already like a guy and he does these things, well then it makes me like him a whole lot more.

  • I just answered this question for a different person, so I hope you don't mind that I'm copying and pasting. Haha, these are the things that made me fall, and that can be applicable to any guy if they try :)

    It's different for different girls. It's shallow but the main thing that first attracted me to my boyfriend was that he was the quarterback and a really great football player that everyone talked about, so that's how he first got my attention :P When I got to know him though I found it sweet how he didn't like talking about other people, and how he used his status in school to help defend other people that some of his friends make fun of. I was with them one day and they saw a 'nerd' from our school and started laughing, and my boyfriend told them to cut it out, and I haven't heard them talk about it again. That's when I knew that he was someone with a good heart. His humor was another thing, and his confidence to approach anything with a smile on his face made the attraction greater. Possibly my favorite thing about him is that he is a sweetheart to his mom, sister, my mom, and helps my little brother on his football skills :)

    Apply these different factors and it's a sure fire way to make a girl fall. And they are all traits you can work on in yourself, humor, confidence, a good heart ;)

    • Wow, no joke, this is nearly exactly the same story with my first girlfriend.

  • How to win a girl's heart?

    Most importantly, you need to demonstrate that you are a "prize" worth fighting for. Everyone knows that women are always considered the catch, and men are supposed to chase them." Well, smart men know the exact opposite is true. You need to turn the woman's mindset around and have her thinking that she needs to pursue you. You have to convince her that you are one that she definitely doesn't want to let get away, just like men have traditionally done for years with women.

    Secondly show her you are not desperate and that you don't "need" to date her or win her approval. She will most likely be caught off guard at first because this is not a typical male response. Most women are used to guys doing everything in their power to win over a woman. By taking a figurative step back, you will be showing her that you are not needy.

    Thirdly, A surefire way of winning a woman over is to build a rapport with her. You need to start by making her feel comfortable with you. Choose topics of interest to her and make sure you have her full attention. Once a comfort zone has been established, you can work on building attraction. Be playful and tease her a little, but don't ever appear that you are actually trying to win her over. Smart men realize that by drawing her closer to you and then figuratively pulling away will just increase the attraction between you.

    So to summerize, to win a girl's heart;

    1) Convince the woman that you are the "prize" by demonstrating your higher value;

    2) Don't appear too needy or desperate.

    3) Establish a comfort zone before you start to build the attraction between the two of you. If you do these things consistently, her heart will belong to you before you know it.


    • I have a feeling this is going to help me too. Thank you.


  • well every girl is different but you just have to remember to be yourself. don't try to be somone your not. maybe buy her flowers her how much she means to you...its the little things like that this that girls like. also always be there for her..let her know that if she every has a problem she can always come to you. be understanding,considerate...remember we're girls and we can be very you have to put up with it..dont get mad..its the way we are. well I hope I helped:)

  • i totally agree with catgirl9...for me its the small things...guys buy me thingsa nd what not...but the things that really makes me super happy is when they listen to what I have to say and show interest..that goes to show how much they really care...

  • defantely .. being sweet is plus.. being sweet will just make the girl smile and that's really important. making joking around with her..

    but confidnece is a big one.

    girls like to feel protected or secure with a guy.

    be proud of who you are and BE SWEET

    buying her lunch or buying her anything cute will make her smile

    being sweet will make her respect you more.. but always don't over do it.. just be yourself with a touch of sweetness and be there for her when you know she needs you.

  • buy her presents and be super sweet to her <3

    and show her how you really feel about her.


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  • Win her over by being your self and surprising her with gifts in periods of time, and don't be boring, mix it up so you'll always be on her mind

  • Be yourself.

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