He says he's a virgin, but I think he's LYING?

It's strange how I ended up here. I was adamant about sex after marriage, and I even thought I was asexual. However, after I met him, I felt... different.

I met him online (off a pilot's forum). We were talking about innocent things for a month, but then he started mentioning what my body type is like. After describing it, he said he wanted a full body photo, but immediately apologised if that made me feel uncomfortable. I sent him innocent ones next to the plane.

Then, he started hinting that if we met, we'll do more than kissing. I asked him if he has ever dated before weeks ago, he said no. So this time, I hesitantly asked if he was a virgin. He said yes. Then we starting sexting (roleplay, no naked pictures) and we discussed about the possibility of a long term relationship and leave sex for later.

He is 20 and I am 18. Do you think what he said is the truth? I find it... hard to believe. I thought it's a fair trade to exchange virginities.

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  • He might be a virgin. Propably a very horny one.

    Or maybe not. He might be lying. He sounds like an idiot anyways. He sounds the type who wants sex immediately and will dump you afterwards.

    Also, I don't get this "trading virginities" idea at all.

    • If we're both virgins, we can give it away to each other. If I gave my virginity to a non-virgin, then I would be losing something. And they are gaining something. For nothing. That's my philosophy as a virgin anyway.

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    • Ironically, he's a pilot cadet for Virgin Airways.

    • Girl... you still cannot know if he is a virgin or not...

      People lie and this guy could lie just to get in yoyr pants. You are worroed about your career and that this will affect your opinion about guys.. you should. He seems shady, horny and creepy. Exactly the type who just desperarely wants sex and is not willing to wait for very long. No matter if he is a virgin or not.

      If you worry or are even slightly unsure about this, do NOT do it

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  • Well from what you said there's nothing that points to the idea that he's lying. He's only 20 so it's normal to be a virgin

    • But he seems so open to losing it to me. He says he will take the bullet for me.

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    • Not normal. Just not impossible.
      About 71% of 19 year olds have had sex...

    • Maybe in America

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  • did he already know you were a virgin? if so there's a decent chance he's lying. if not, there's no need for a guy to lie about that because they usually worry it makes them less desirable. then again it's online dating and it's pretty easy to lie about your entire identity so lying about virginity is a piece of cake

    • I asked him a few weeks ago if he was dated anyone before, he said no. He never knew whether I was a virgin until I asked him. I asked if he is a virgin, and he said maybe, and what about me? I said I yes. Then he actually full on admitted he is a virgin.

      I actually asked him before what he thought about dating, and he was shy and hesitant. He said that he wanted to put his career first before marriage. So...

    • then it could be true. or it's a whole act and none of that is true. based on the situation it sounds like the truth. but I'm very hesitant to trust people in person let alone online so I would still be skeptical. you should try to meet up with him (in a very public place with a lot of people around) because face to face is going to help you get to know him better. I wouldn't rush into sex though especially since you really don't know him

    • I actually really don't know. He talked about not looking for something casual, more on the long term relationship road. He even showed me pictures of his family. I don't know what to say...

  • Seems very likely that he's a virgin.

  • Probably ready to lose his virginity.

    • I don't really know if I am ready or not. I can only lose it once, and never take it back. But maybe after marriage, I might find my husband/wife is not a virgin anymore.