A girl who knows that I have a girlfriend likes me, What should I do?

Today she told me in person and then asked if my relationship with my current girlfriend is serious or not. I told her that I'll call her back but don't know what to say to her.


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  • Dude.. You have a girlfriend. Do you even remotely love her? Are you seriously considering this other chick?

    Sounds like you want to be able to get away dating both of them. <-- dumb idea, they both find out your going to get dropped by both of them and have no one.

    So I would ask you to think who would be more eligible with you. In a long term type of eay. Then pick from there.

    • I don't want to end up alone, want at least one of them at the end. But the other girl knows that I've a girlfriend so I think its not a problem for her to be the other girl.
      But I did that before cheated on an ex and ruined everything with both of them so don't want to do the same mistake here.

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    • Shit like this happens man. It's like a test (if you want to put it in that context) you just have to stay true. I suggest you stay with your current gf and tell the other one to be just friends (I know it sucks) but there is always going to be somebody, and somebody else better then that and so on and so on. Life is that cruel man.

      Stay with your current gf.

    • Thanks for MH

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  • Tell her you have a gf for a reason.
    Be like: "I have a girlfreind for a reason in case you didn't know. Don't be a home wrecker. Don't be that girl."

  • Do you care about your girlfriend?

    • Sure.

    • Sounds like you don't or you would have answered her. If you don't know what to say to her then you don't. All up to you on how you reply to her. If you care for your girlfriend then tell her that.

    • I care about my gf what if this girl want to be just a normal friend? I think it would be good to have both of them near and make both of them happy.

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  • The fact you even had to ask what you should do means you don't think very highly of the girl you're with currently and I'd suggest you break it off so that she can find someone who's head isn't so easily turned when he finds out someone else likes him.

    • I didn't say that I want to leave her for another girl, even don't know what this girl wants at the end.

    • My point was you're already with someone so if you love her you wouldn't be bothered if another girl said she likes you you'd brush it off not ask what you should say to her because its obvious isn't it?

    • Its hard to decide when it comes to girls.

  • It's pretty simple- you've got about three choices.
    You like and respect your girlfriend enough to tell this girl that you are not going to have a romantic relationship with her.
    You leave your girlfriend and see where this goes.
    Or, be a douche, cheat on your girlfriend, and have it all end in pain.

    • The first choice I think.

    • 1st and 2nd are the non-asshole choices bro.

    • Also the 1st had the advantage of not end up alone!

  • Ignore the romantic advances of this girl and continue your prior relationship, or break up with this girl and pursue your new love interest.

    It's just that simple.

    • Thanks, but isn't there a way in between?

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    • Unfortunately my girlfriend is super jealous. :(

    • Then you should either talk it out with her or get a new girlfriend.