Does he actually want to go on a date or was he just being polite?

We met a few weeks ago, but cus he lives about an hour away and has a really busy work schedule, we've not met since. We've been texting and snapchatting like multiple times everyday.

I got kinda annoyed about not meeting though and so yesterday I asked him if he actually wanted to go on a date sometime this month. He replied straight away and said 'yeah sure' they a little while later he sent another text saying he was really sorry his schedule's so hectic. I replied saying that I'd leave the details up to him cus my schedule's much less hectic (I'm a grad student).

That was last night. I've not heard from him since then. I know he's studying for an exam on Monday, but if he's got time to Facebook doesn't he have time to text?

Was he just being polite and I should take the hint and F off?


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  • Maybe he wants the date, but it's not his priority.


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  • I think you should wait after the exam ( Monday) and see If he care or not.

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