What should I do Valentine's Day?

So i had a break up 1st of jan. Month later i go on a date, Thursday 5th February . We talked for two days and he was keen to meet.

He took me to a movie an was a total gent, paid for everything. Opened doors, let me walk infront when leaving movie room. He was cute and so sweet we had a lot of laughs an looks at eachother.

I was nervous, an he admitted he was a bit cus of me being that way but it soon faded an i felt comfy around him. We didn't kiss though an he said i was so into the movie an he didn't want to invade my space without invitation.

After movie he dropped me home. An he said we will talk. Since then we've spoke Friday but not much today. He works nights so in day he sleeps so i get that.

He said about being my date for Valentine's week ago. An yesterday i said you free next sat he said not sure as he gets his rota at start of new week, so Monday... An he said i hope i am not but didn't say why.

I would like to see him although we not in love. So if he asks i will go, otherwise i do not want to initiate on most romantic day of year.


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  • sounds like the start of a new relationship to me. you both sound keen to spend time with each other. if it turns out he has work on Valentine's day, why not have a date another night?

    I hope it works out for you both. it sounds promising :)

    • Hey oh do you think so, i feel that way to :) Yeah very true, he has a day off in the week so guess he will let me know when he gets rota. Thanks a lot, appreciate the kind helpful folk on here :D

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