How To Tell My Crush I Like Him?

Well, I like this guy at school. He's so cute and funny. The problem is I don't know if he's taken. Like, on Instagram he made a girl his WCW and the girl made him her MCM. On hers she said she's shy around him, she wants to cuddle with him, he has a cute smile, that he's a good kisser and etc. Her profile says taken. His doesn't say anything about it. I also don't really think I'm his type like he likes short girls. I'm tall and skinny. (5'4 1/2 and 113 pounds) He's white and mexican. He's about 2-3 inches smaller than me. I'm black and Native American. Anyway, I kind of think he is into me though. I could be walking by and he's just like "What are you looking at?" and stuff. He always plays mean to me lol. Than smiles and be like JK. I Kik'd him like hey, follow me on Instagram I followed you. I tried to keep the convo going with "How are you?" but he didn't reply and didn't even bother to open it. But I liked his pics and 2 weeks later he follows me. Now, this week, he tried to make a basket in the trash. But missed, he walked to pick it up and he saw me laughing and he's like "What are you looking at" and "whats funny?" like as a joke. One day, we were sitting down working and he's like "Who do you like?" I didn't say anything. He said as a joke "Ohh, you like me." Then smiled. I don't know if he's taken, or is he not, or does he like me or does he not? I want to tell him I like him this Friday plus it's Vday right agter and we're on a break. So if it doesn't work out. He might forget. What should I say or do? I don't really feel comfortable asking if he's taken or not.


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  • I don't think he's into you the same way that you're interested in him... You could still confess just to get your feelings out in the open and it'll give you the push to move on. Or I could be completely wrong on this and he might actually like you. If you do end up telling him, just pull him aside and tell him. There's no other way to do it. Tell him that there's something you need to tell him and when you know he's listening, confess. You don't want to try confessing by giving him hints or playing around it because he most likely won't catch on. Just be clear and honest in how you feel. Good luck!