Will she stay mad?

if i don't talk for a little while after an argument will she stay mad until I talk with her again?


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  • Yes. Woman deal with problems by talking about them and the anger doesn't just go away by ignoring her for awhile, infact it's really rude and insensitive.

    • Well she said she was okay..

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    • You know her, what is going to make her feel supported and happy?

    • Talking with her..

  • Just because a girl says she's ok, doesn't mean it's true. Reach out to her, otherwise she'll think you lost interest in her. Ask how she is and when she wants to get together again.

    Would you look at my questions please? Thanks!

    • I asked twice.. She said the second time wtf, I'm ok..

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    • Oh lol, it was my fault I made her mad..

    • I have been out camping since last night I had that conversation with her..

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