need help with insecure boyfriend?

My boyfriends very insecure and I don't know how to help with it he's always asking me am I cheating would I ever cheat do I love him do I wanna be with him. I really don't know why he asks me if I've cheated I have never done it in my past but he has, I'm okay with reassuring him but its starting to get worse like everyday he's asking me now whenever I'm with my friends or at school or even out with my family he'll ask me those questions... What do I do?


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  • You can never help a very insecure person. This is something he needs to sort out himself. An insecure man is a dangerous man to a women, this means he could start controlling you, being abusive you. Its not always the case. But if I was you, dump him, sorry that sounds harsh.

    At the end of the day, your not his mummy, that you have too keep telling him, everything is going to be ok. Your his girlfriend, nothing more. If he can't trust you, than this relationship is over anyway.

    • Its hard to let him go because we've been together for a pretty long time, I may sound stupid but it's like for awhile he works on being better and not asking then turns around and acts insecure again. If I ever did break up with him I don't know how I'd do it...

    • Sorry I can't help you with this guy. You keep telling him that everything is ok, will not help him. Breaking up with someone is never easy. But someone is always going to get hurt, but you have to save your own happiness.

      If you don't want to tell him, get a new number, and just dissappear. to the point he will never see you again. If you can help it.

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  • he is probably cheating himself,, so thinks you might be, unless you are stunning and he is a geek

    • I wouldn't say I'm stunning I'm pretty average he's a little geeky but to me he's cute :) I know he's not cheating I just know he's not... I just want away or something to say to keep him reassured no matter what

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  • Was he like this from the start? He possibly had bad experiences with past girlfriend or he simply don't feel put together. If he started this recently... I'm not trying to scare you but you know what they say about people who accuse other of cheating... that they're cheating themselves.

    • He's been like this from the start hell stop for awhile then come back and start asking the questions again

    • Okay then he's possibly not cheating. What you do next is COMMUNICATE WITH HIM. Sit him down, express your concern, express how you feel for him, and reassure him that you love and that these insecurities have to leave because it'll cause problem in the end. He's the kind of guy you will have to let him know once in a while that you love him and compliment him to vanish those insecurities with time.

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