Friend feels like he owes me time?

He feels like he owes me time? We were together (seriously, met families) for around a year but started out as friends and ended up as friends. We transitioned into friendship like instantly. I have dated since him but he has not openly dated since me. We talk daily for hours and etc. I asked him today if he feels like he owes me time since he is always rushing to call/text me and etc. He prefers phone calls and spends hours with me. He was recently stressed out because he has been busy (less time to talk) and I did not talk to him one day (he was texting and calling like crazy; i had just fallen asleep early) and so finally I had to ask him about his stress. I would be completely open to getting back together with him since it kinda is starting to feel like he is trying to keep it in a relationship vibe but how can I figure this out without asking. I am kind of scared to ask since i do not want to make it weird. What do you think?


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  • What is this that you want to ask him?
    What is this that you want to ask here?
    Both not clear.


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