What has become of online dating?

Eight years ago the vast majority of women expected a man to have a bachelors degree or they wanted take you seriously. They also expected you to have reasonably decent if not impeccable grammar and spelling skills. Many women expected men to be in equally fit condition as them. Of course a job, a vehicle, and your own place were a given.

Fast forward to 2015, I have all of the above (after several years of college to further my career), albeit I do make grammar and spelling mistakes occasionally. I also exercise daily. Yet after signing up with a couple dating sites, one fee based and the other free.

I find myself scratching my head, thinking that the dating world has flipped on its head. As 80-90% of women between 25-38 years old have little to no education. Most show as "some college", a few have been "Associates degree", but I see a lot with "high school".

In addition to that 85% of every profile I look at has run-on sentences or are riddled with grammar and spelling mistakes. Now some people reading this may say, "what's the big deal, don't be a grammar Nazi!" Well grammar is important and besides, as I originally said, grammar "use" to be important.

Further more when looking at profiles now, four of every five women I've looked at on the dating sites are between slightly overweight to very obese. Where as again eight years it seemed as though every women expected men to be fit.

So I'm just trying to figure out what has changed with online dating and those who use it?

Can anyone recommend a site I should use?

I don't want to appear to be advertising the sites I'm currently using, so I'll just say that they are EH and pof.


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  • Trophy wife status? Well who knows it can be due to several reasons. For instance, now in 2015 you don't need a college degree to make money. My sister is a great example she only has one year worth of college and soon dropped out but is now making close to 100k and she is just 23. Once she gets promoted she will be making more. Point is college was a requirement to be successful back in the 70s and early 2000s but not now. I know several Uni Grads who are still working as bartenders and some are not even working in their desired career field and are making about 30k but most under 50k. It's more about the connections you have. So perhaps those women already have a good job? I'm not too sure. It also just might be that the women on the dating page are just looking to get supported financially. If you want to try a Site that is for sure full of educated and beautiful women try SeekingArrangement. Com My sister does the media advertising for the site and she says it's definitely worth a try but... The women on the site are too educated but are only seeking men who are "very well off".

    • You seem to have completely misinterpreted what I was saying in my original post. What I was saying was that women (in my perception of online dating) use to be highly educated and care about intelligence; among other things. Where as now, that does not appear to be the case. In addition the vast majority of women I have come across on the dating sites who do not have college educations have equally low paying jobs.

    • I'm sorry to say this but a good number of the women on a dating site are a bit desperate. With that said, I figure as long as they have a partner and not die alone they really don't care about education.

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  • @gray_sailor and I met on EH and will be married 9 awesome years in June. 2nd marriage for us both. It's not just on dating sites that I see poor grammar. You pose interesting questions.

    And I do not agree with tripolileb that woman seem to be desperate on the online sites. I've never been desperate. Blanket statements don't apply here. And I am educated.


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  • You actually made several fragment sentences ironically. Yes a lot of people that do online dating I imagine are overweight. The majority of the west is overweight though. About three out of four people in the US are which doesn't deviate much from the percentage you approximated. I don't understand what them being overweight has to do with what they expect in a partner though. You could try that beautifulpeople. com site. I'm not sure about a site with more college graduates though.

  • Now you don't need a considerable expertise or skills to work the MATRIX.

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    • BAHAHahahH , you think quite highly of yourself. I like that.

    • There is a difference between an individual who thinks highly of himself and an individual who post's a comment expecting to start a serious conversation. But instead finds himself surrounded by a lot of jokers and those with their own agendas.

  • You can fat shame you misogynist. How dare you want a women to meet your standards. you're nothing but a pig headed sexist misogynist... lol.

  • It probably has a lot to do with the age you're looking for and your location. I'm in New York City and don't seem to encounter this problem.